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Your link 404'ed for me. Is this same document? 

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Subject: Proposal for protocol identification

Here's a proposal for identifying the protocol in use, both in NavigationTiming and ResourceTiming:


readonly attribute DOMString protocol;

This optional attribute reflects the protocol used to fetch the resource, as identified by the ALPN Protocol Identifier <>. Its value is a DOMString representing the Protocol Identifier.

Because ALPN Protocol Identifiers are specified as arrays of bytes, this specification assumes that they will be encoded in UTF-8 or a compatible encoding; if the Protocol Identifier is not valid UTF-8, the attribute's value should be an empty string.

Note that this attribute is intended to identify the protocol in use for the fetch regardless of how it was actually negotiated; that is, even if ALPN is not used to negotiate the protocol, this attribute still uses the ALPN Protocol Identifier to indicate the protocol in use.


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