[minutes] 2012-09-19 Web Performance WG Teleconference #82

Meeting Summary:

1.       Mobile Networking Improvements

We had invited Giri Mandyam from Qualcomm Innovation Center and Gunter Klas from VodoPhone to discuss mobile networking improvements. Giri and Gunter gave us some background on potential benefits of improving mobile networking performance and promised more detailed feedback on the mailing list.

2.       F2F, Workshop and Survey

We have confirmed November 8th and 9th as the dates for the workshop and F2F meetings, respectively. More data on the venue will be forthcoming. We are planning to announce the Workshop and F2F meeting more broadly soon.

Detailed Notes:

Web Perf Teleconference #82 9/19/2012

IRC log: http://www.w3.org/2012/09/19-webperf-irc

Meeting Minutes: http://www.w3.org/2012/09/19-webperf-minutes.html


Present for Navigation Timing, Resource Timing and User Timing (4-5PM EST/1-2PM PST)

Giri Mandyam, Gunter Klas, Jatinder Mann, Philippe Le Hegaret, Alois Reitbauer, Tony Gentilcore, Arvind Jain

Present for Page Visibility, Efficient Script Yielding, Display Paint Notifications (4-5PM EST/2-3PM PST)

Meeting cancelled.


Jatinder Mann



1.       Tobie Langel (Facebook) and Paul Bakaus (Zynga) to discuss potential new performance investment ideas

2.       Review draft survey

3.       Close on F2F and Workshop dates

Mobile Networking
Philippe: We have invited Giri Mandyam from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Gunter Klas from VodoPhone and others from ATT to discuss mobile networking performance improvements to include in our next charter.
Gunter: There are many differences between phone operating systems. On the application level, sending many short messages has a lot of overhead in terms of sending signals. Just to send a few bytes to the application server, that can trigger signals between the mobile network and application. This can cause a burden on the network, potentially leading to network outages. The user is also impacted by the increased signaling from the mobile home, as this impacts the battery life of the device.
... There have been discussions in many groups about this problem. There are examples of solutions today where the client captures signals on the client side. In terms of trying to solve the problem when the problem has arisen. We have documentation like the Application Developer Guide. But we wanted to work with the standards group.
... Which programming paradigms have what consequences on the mobile networking. We have documentation that covers those specific behaviors in iPhone, Andriod and Windows phones. I feel that there is a gap between HTML5 applications that are running on a phone where the mobile network is impacted.
Giri: With new web technologies, like web sockets, developers need to keep battery life concerns in mind. Web sockets are a great replacement of XHRs in keeping a persistent connection to the server. When developers start sending dummy bytes on the sockets, we lose the benefits of power saving modules on the phones. What are the kind of the signaling changes that need to be taken place. Seems like mobile issues are not being concerned to the degree that they should.
Gunter: We don't currently have a lot of data on the new web technologies to understand how commonly these issues are happening today.
Giri: That's also because these are new technologies and we don't yet have the adoption. But that doesn't mean the Web Perf WG shouldn't be forward looking.
Gunter: It would be good to understand if guidelines for native mobile applications should use the same paradigm as web applications.
plh: We haven't done best practices documentation in this working group, but we have been working on APIs to help improve performance, like battery life, using requestAnimationFrame, Page Visibility, etc.
Giri: In the WebRTC, they are looking at a stats interface where they will provide performance metrics on RTCP/RTP and provide that data up through JavaScript. Is this something that that working group should use, or is this something the Web Perf WG should look at?
Jatinder: We are very interested in mobile performance improvements. Please do send your specific requests to the mailing list so we can discuss.
Plh: Let's discuss test case status next week.
Jatinder: Arvind, let's get the information for the F2F and Workshop, so we can send out an email.
Plh: I am drafting text. Let's follow up and get that out.

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