Re: [minutes] 2012-09-12 Web Performance WG Teleconference #81

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>On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 02:17:40 +0200, Jatinder Mann <>
>> Meeting Summary:
>> James: We would love to expose to web developers the frame rate from
>> browser. We are very excited to do this.
>FYI: There is a method to read (.currentfps) and set (.targetfps)
>framerate for SVG in Opera. Something similar could be considered
>specified and exposed elsewhere.
>> Paul: Another thing we want is to trigger garbage collection. If there
>> was an event that got trigged when a GC is occuring, so that the app
>> handle that occurrence. Another things is we want to be able to turn
>> GC entirely.
>FYI: Exposing a manual trigger for GC is simple, and there is already a
>method to do this in Opera. The advice on how to use it is very simple;
>don't! However, for testing purposes or in order to understand the
>performance characteristics, this method might be helpful. You might want
>to play with this to see if and how much manual GC helps.
> -> opera.collect

This is interesting, thanks! We'll definitely play with this. The reason I
was asking for it in the first place is that I believe that as an
application developer, we are often better aware of when we are idling or
showing something to the user (I.e. A modal), situations ideal to trigger
a big GC.

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