Call for Participation in TPAC 2012 Breakout Session "Smarter Webapps for Smarter Phones"

Hi all,

This is Bryan from AT&T. We're not members of the Web Performance WG, but have been considering joining as the work of this group is very interesting to us, and we might be suggesting some extensions as noted below.

This email is to inform the WebPerf WG members that I created a breakout session proposal for the TPAC 2012, that you may be interested in. I welcome any expressions of interest and suggestions to help focus the session.

Smarter Webapps for Smarter Phones

Proposers: Bryan Sullivan (AT&T), Philipp Hoschka (W3C)
Leader/chair: Bryan Sullivan
This breakout will be a followup to the Network Friendly Webapps CG work, and will focus on extending the GSMA's "Smarter Apps for Smarter Phones"<> recommendations to Webapps and the Web browser context in particular, and determine what specific specs or best practices should be developed by W3C in response.
GSMA's "Smarter Apps for Smarter Phones" primarily focused on native app development and platform APIs. But many of the same objectives and general techniques also can apply (or will someday be applicable) to the Web. This breakout will consider how some of those objectives may be achievable using Web standards, with focus on
*       what you can do, today
*       what more do you need, either as known gaps of the Web in supporting the smarter app objectives, or other things we haven't considered yet

*       Existing capabilities focused on the User Experience (UX)
*       Existing capabilities focused on efficient network usage
*       What from the smarter apps recommendations seems to be missing from the Web platform
*       What we haven't considered at all
*       What should W3C do
*       In existing groups e.g. Web Performance<>
*       In areas not covered by existing groups
*       As specification work
*       As best practices and developer-supporting assets (e.g. code examples, JavaScript libraries)
*       Organizing a continuing dialog to determine the above

Bryan Sullivan

Received on Friday, 19 October 2012 14:23:58 UTC