Re: Web Performance: Survey and Workshop - We'd like your input!

On 10/8/12 11:17 AM, "Paul Bakaus" <> wrote:

>On 03.10.12 07:30, "Reitbauer, Alois" <>
>>A unified API for diagnosing the performance of Web applications exposing
>>the same information (JS profiling, memory profiling, rendering, ) as
>>Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug and similar tooling.
>Yes, thank you! Not sure if we're talking about the same thing, but this
>was something Tobie and I proposed when we talked to the group, but
>broader than what you are describing - basically, a "developer opt-in API"
>that every browsers' debug mode enables, and implements many of the
>debugging/perf APIs for developers that are otherwise not being
>implemented because of fingerprinting concerns.

Introducing the concept of a "developer/debug" API that triggers a prompt
(much like geolocation does) for these things would be awesome.

Not only could this help in the above mentioned use cases, it could also
be applied to other useful, yet potentially insecure things such as taking
screenshots, which would allow automating ref testing (e.g. for CSS[1])
but also to diagnose complex browser bugs on applications in production by
getting the user to easily send a screenshot.



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