Re: [minutes] 2012-04-25 Web Performance WG Teleconference #70

On Tue, 15 May 2012 19:18:51 +0200, Jatinder Mann <>  

>> The names are still confusing me though, as it seems
>> PerformanceNavigationTiming is not the timing data for
>> PerformanceNavigation. Maybe a better name would be  
>> PerformanceHighResTiming, or some such?
> Though, PerformanceHighResTiming implies it is the high res version of  
> PerformanceTiming, in light of the fact that we later added more  
> descriptive interface names like PerformaceResourceTiming,  
> PerformanceMarks, PerformanceMeasures, the suggested name would now seem  
> a bit ambiguous (e.g., why is this called just timing and the others  
> more descriptive?). I think to be more consistent with other  
> PerformanceTimeline entries, we should stick with a more descriptive  
> name like PerformanceNavigationTiming.

Fair point. I am still confused by the similarity of the names  
PerformanceNavigation and PerformanceNavigationTiming though, given that  
the interfaces are unrelated. Maybe use PerformanceLoadTiming,  
-MainPageTiming, -DocumentTiming or some such? Or maybe it is the  
PerformanceNavigation interface which is misnamed, perhaps it should be  
called PerformanceNavigationType?

For other issues, please see answer to Arvind's mail.

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