Re: [HighResolutionTime] value depends on the document, which can cause problems

On 5/14/12 5:58 PM, James Robinson wrote:
> I like the idea that same-origin frames share a timebase, but I don't
> think walking window.parent is sufficient.  You could have sibling
> iframes that are the same origin as each other and are scripting each
> other but different origin from their parent.  I think this proposal
> really boils down to keeping a timebase for each unique origin within a
> top-level browsing context.

Why limited to a top-level browsing context?

> and getting the origin has to be fast to make other JS
> accessors fast.

Unclear.  This is not the case in Gecko, say....  Or more precisely, 
getting a _string_ origin is fast in Gecko, but there is no object that 
represents an origin, so the cost would basically be equivalent to a 
hashtable lookup unless more code restructuring happens.  Which might 
need to happen, of course.

> If authors are doing this in JS

Then we lose.  Let's avoid that.  ;)


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