Re: [HighResolutionTime] Spec consistently uses "monotonically increasing" when it means "monotonically nondecreasing"

On 5/14/12 2:13 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> The spec should use "nondecreasing" if that's what it means. If it
> really means "increasing", then I'd like to understand how this can
> possibly be implemented.

Though one more note.  The definition of "monotonically increasing" is 
not actually standardized across the world in mathematics.  In some 
cases it means |x <= y implies f(x) <= f(y)| (with "strictly increasing" 
used to mean |x < y implies f(x) < f(y)|, and in some cases it means |x 
< y implies f(x) < f(y)|, with "nondecreasing" meaning the other thing.

It might be best to just spell out in the spec which behavior it 
actually means....


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