Re: Semantics of the time argument on rAF's FrameRequestCallback

On 5/9/12 12:58 PM, Nat Duca wrote:
> Hi folks -
> The current rAF spec defines FrameRequestCallback in the following way:
>     callback FrameRequestCallback = void (DOMTimeStamp time);
> However, we don't define the semantic meaning of the time argument.

See section 5 step 1:

   1. Let t be the result of getting the next sample time of the
      top-level browsing context.

     Editorial note

     ISSUE-2 Getting the next sample time is currently undefined.
     This time should be the same as the time that contemporaneous
     native animations have been sampled at.

Note that the above definition, if adopted, would allow either of your 
two options to be conformant; the key is that it match all other 
animations so that the timeline is consistent.


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