RE: [NavigationTiming] Issues in the test (or perhaps in the spec, if the test is correct)

On 6/28/2012 2:09 AM, James Graham wrote: 
> HTML defines the concept of navigation. It will be very confusing if we have two specs 
> overloading the same term to mean slightly different things.
> I would prefer we reuse the HTML concepts as far as possible, but if there are clear use 
> cases that require a new concept, we shouldn't reuse the same terminology.

The HTML5 definition of navigate,, excludes Those concepts are defined as Dynamic Markup Insertion in Section 3.4,

Seems like our goal of ensuring does not impact Navigation Timing and our goal of defining what is a navigation in Navigation Timing can be achieved by referencing in the Navigation Timing spec.

Zhiheng, I recommend making the following changes to the spec:

Section 3 Terminology
<p>Throughout this work, navigation refers to the act of <a href="">navigating</a>. </p>

Section 5.1 Processing Model
For step 1, replace the following text,

<p>If the navigation is aborted for any of the following reasons...


<p>If the <a href="">navigation</a> is aborted for any of the following reasons...

I think that should be sufficient.


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