RE: [NavigationTiming] waiting for loadEventEnd to get set

I also met this problem, in chromium.
I think reason is window.onload event is fired just after "loadEventStart" and before "loadEventEnd"
As a workaround and minimal your "function()"'s effect to 'loadEventEnd' time, 
I think you can use setTimeout with window.onload

Hope that helpful, thanks :)


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Subject: [NavigationTiming] waiting for loadEventEnd to get set

I'm trying to use the Navigation Timing package to measure how long a page takes to be rendered. So that would be loadEventEnd-responseEnd, however I am finding that loadEventEnd is always 0 for me, even though I am accessing it from within a window.onload function, e.g:

window.onload = function() {
    var t = performance.timing;
    var render_time = parseInt(t['loadEventEnd']) - parseInt(t['responseEnd']); }

If I check in the console after the page is loaded it does have a value.  What event do I have to wait for before loadEventEnd gets set?


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