Re: [Navigation Timing] Adding radioAwake attribute

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 11:41 AM, Andy Davies <> wrote:

> One of the current challenges is understanding how much latency is
> introduced by the delay involved in waking the radio in wireless devices
> from power saving modes.
> My guess is that the information required to create a radioAwake attribute
> as part of Navigation (and Resource Timing) isn't exposed to the browser
> but would be interested in other thoughts and comments.

+1. It's always a gamble on mobile today to figure out if you're going to
incur the extra cost of waiting for radio, or not.. which adds a
significant amount of latency to the connection. Not sure if it's also
useful to explicitly distinguish "low power" vs "sleep" modes, but at the
very least, "radioAcquire{start, end}" events are much needed additions to
both specs.


P.S. radioAcquire* is likely not the right name.

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