RE: IETC tests for PageVisibility

Yes.  Unfortunately, the Testing Center is only updated at the same schedule as public available builds.  So, the next opportunity will be Beta (soon).  I will make sure it's on that wave.

On a side note...when we published Navigation Timing tests, from what I can tell they have always been non-vendor prefixed.  It seems that all implementations of Page Visibility currently are do we want to handle this?  The main test harness does not do a lookup, but I think that would be a valuable addition.  For example, in NT's wp_test function where the namespace is checked, we could have a similar function that checks document.visibilityState, and if undefined, then iterates over webkit, moz, o, and ms.

For now I will keep this self contained, but I think we might hit this again in other specs, so at some point this should really live in a more centralized location.


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Excellent. Thanks :)

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 7:59 PM, Jatinder Mann <> wrote:
> Tony,
> We wrote these tests with the intention of making them available as a part of the Page Visibility W3C test suite. I believe Karen is working on updating them to work in the w3c test harness. As the Page Visibility spec has been relatively stable, I am hoping to submit these tests soon so we can move the spec status forward.
> Yes, the constant tests need to be deleted as that portion of the spec has been updated.
> Thanks,
> Jatinder
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> It came to my attention there are some PageVisibility tests [1] [2] [3] in the IE Test Center suite which look like they'd be good candidates to contribute to
> Currently WebKit fails because they are incorrectly testing for the PAGE_HIDDEN/PAGE_VISIBLE string constants which have been removed from the latest version of the spec [4].
> Just curious what the plans are for these tests.
> -Tony
> [1] 
> test_api_exists_attributes.htm [2] 
> test_read_only_conformance_attributes.htm
> [3] 
> test_iframe_attributes.htm [4] 
> iew.html#sec-document-visibility-interface

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