RE: Update of Navigation Timing CR draft

The constant PERF_NAVIGATION was initially added for use with the Performance Timeline model - the getEntriesByType and getEntriesByName take an entryType that describe the type of performance metric requested. Initially, entryTypes were shorts and required integer constants. We later changed most constants to strings, but it appears this one was missed.

Per ACTION-59, we are removing all string constants. As a part of that change, I have removed all constants (e.g., PERF_RESOURCE, PERF_DEVELOPER_MARK, and PERF_DEVELOPER_MEASURE). Instead, one can call getEntriesByType with a string directly. E.g., getEntriesByType("resource").

I think it's safe to say we can remove PERF_NAVIGATION from Navigation Timing. Section 4.5 The PerformanceTiming interface in the Performance Timeline spec,, should define what the PerformanceEntry for Navigation Timing looks like.


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what is PERF_NAVIGATION in Navigation Timing? It has been introduced since June last year and its meaning is not defined in the spec. Are we using it somewhere?



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