Putting firstPaint in the spec

(Writing on behalf of Franky <qjy1111@hotmail.com>)

Hello Web Performance WG,

I noticed that performance.firstPaint, now implemented only by IE and
prefixed as msFirstPaint is not yet in any of the specs produced by this
group and I am curious about the reason.

firstPaint would be very useful qa tool for me when I am doing qa work.
For example, the following classic example will delay painting in ie6
until font downloading completes:

 font-face{font-family: "new font"; src:url(xxxx)}
 .newfont {font-style : "newfont"}

Without this API, it would be difficult to detect such a problem on
specific browsers (in this example, IE6), and there are always problems
the can not be reproduced on qa machine but user environment.

As a developer that needs to face this kind of problem every day, I am
sure this API is urgently needed.


Received on Tuesday, 10 January 2012 09:26:51 UTC