Re: Specifying

On 2/29/12 4:20 PM, James Robinson wrote:
> I'm a little more optimistic about requestAnimationFrame.  It's true
> that lots of code is using JS, but that code will continue to
> work as-is.  I do not think that there is a large amount of web content
> out there using the callback _parameter_ for timing, most code is just
> ignoring it and grabbing the time out-of-band.

If true, that would make things work ok.  I guess I'd thought people 
would actually use the parameter, since it's there for a reason...

Certainly the demos I've seen using requestAnimationFrame use it.  I 
seem to recall Google Maps doing so too, but maybe they changed that?

> I think we should try changing this and see what happens.  If it turns
> out that we can't change the value of the first parameter to the
> callback, then we can do something uglier like provide a second callback
> parameter.


> I think that we definitely do want to provide a timestamp to
> authors as a callback parameter so that they can synchronize multiple
> animations running on the same logical frame.

Oh, we absolutely do.  That's what Gecko does right now.  The only 
question is what the timestamp's 0-point should be....


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