Re: [Page Visibility] LC issues

On 2/29/12 2:40 PM, Jatinder Mann wrote:
>> The text as written makes the visibility state change happen after unload.  Was that the intent?
> My intention is to have the visibilitychange event fire after the pagehide but before the unload. This would be between the current steps 2 and 3 in the HTML5 unload a document processing model -

Right, but the current spec text just posts a task at that point; the 
task is processed async.  Presumably you want to not post a task there 
and instead just run the steps in question?

> I had initially misunderstood what you meant by a hook. Yes, inserting a hook between firing the pagehide and unload in the HTML5 spec and anchoring to that hook within Page Visibility spec would be an optimal solution. I will start a thread with the HTML5 editor.



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