Re: Proposal for JavaScript Timing Extension to the Performance Timeline

On 2/15/12 5:03 AM, Alois Reitbauer wrote:
> A while ago, I submitted a list of potential future work targeted at
> getting more insight into the runtime behavior of JavaScript heavy web
> applications. As a first result out of these initial ideas I came up
> with a proposal how to extend the Performance Timeline to expose
> JavaScript execution time information.
> As formatting is limited for mailing list messages I posted a formatted
> and easy to read version of the proposal at
> Please provide feedback.

When this feature is enabled, what should be reported for function 
execution times in a JIT compiler which inlines functions and then does 
common subexpression elimination and constant-folding on the resulting 
code, effectively across function boundaries?

Of course one could disable such optimizations when the timeline is on, 
but that would materially change the performance characteristics of the 
script in the cases of interest....


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