RE: [Page Visibility] LC issues

I have updated the Page Visibility specification to include page navigation interaction (added "suspended and "unloaded" visibilityStates) and added a Section 4.5 Processing Model to make things more clear. Please review the changes.

Aside from the privacy section update, all other Last Call feedback has been incorporated or discussed why it was rejected on the mailing list.

The following action items should be closed:

ACTION-84: Reply to Sigbjorn on Page Visibility edits
ACTION-82: Reject the X_PAGE_VISIBILITY proposal
ACTION-80: Add partial interface on Page Visibility
ACTION-79: Reply to Anne on our use of the hidden attribute


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I created a page for the LC issues at

It seems to me that we haven't closed the loop properly on a few.

* hidden attribute (from Anne)
* partial interface (from Anne)
* privacy? (from Anne)
* ASCII (from timeless)
* Are visibility change events synchronous? (from Boris)
* Need to define interaction with page navigation (from Boris)
* Misc edits (from Sigbjørn)

And two additional ones that might be categorized as out of scope or


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