Cross-Origin Restrictions


In a previous conference call, we had discussed drafting an email to share and get feedback from security and privacy experts on statistical fingerprinting concerns. Once you have that mail drafted, we can begin soliciting feedback and close this remaining open item on the Timing specs. Do you have an idea of when you think you can have that ready by?


Per [minutes] 20110914 Web Performance WG Teleconference #49:

Cross-Origin Restrictions
There has been an open issue in the working group to verify with security and privacy experts on our current security and privacy features. There are both concerns that we may be too restrictive or not restrictive enough. In order to resolve these issues, we will follow up with security and privacy experts both internally and on the W3C mailing lists. Tony has an action item (ACTION-50) to draft a mail describing our scenario that can then be circulated to the various experts.

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