Re: Navigation Timing in Firefox

On 10/19/11 2:12 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 10/19/11 2:05 PM, Karen Anderson (IE) wrote:
>> What I find interesting is that IE and Chrome always have
>> loadEventStart == loadEventEnd in both the onload event and in the
>> callback.
> Which exact load event are you observing in this case? That's not clear
> from the script. I suspect that in IE and Chrome it matters

Here's a question, actually.  Does the "load" event on the <iframe> 
element fire synchronously with the load event on the window inside in 
Trident and WebKit?  What about Presto?

In Gecko, it does.

The current HTML5 draft says that the load event on the iframe should 
fire off an async task that is posted when load event handlers have 
finished running on the subframe's window.  If that's what WebKit and 
Trident are implementing, that explains the behavior differences on this 
test.  It should also be detectable via other means (e.g. code would be 
able to run off a timeout before the iframe's onload but after the 
contained window's onload.  But it's not clear to me why running this 
async is desirable and whether that part of HTML5 is stable enough that 
the navigation timing tests should be depending on it at this point.


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