Proposal for Future Work

As we discussed recently we will have a discussion at TPAC on future work of the working group. A point that I want to bring up is a unified performance diagnostics interface for browsers. Currently how and which information you get is different for browser and in many cases requires a lot of work to figure out how things work. With Navigation Timing and Resource Timing we are on a good way for network related issues. What is however missing is a getting insight into JavaScript, rendering etc.

These capabilities are already available today in desktop browsers. We at dynaTrace invested quite some work into making this possible across browsers. Now with mobile browser coming into the game we have start all over again. If there would be a common standard to do this it will bring a huge benefit to mobile performance as well as unified tools across browsers.

This is intended to start a discussion thread before TPAC so we can share initial ideas and then discuss it more efficiently during the meeting.

What do you think about putting this on the agenda for future work?

// Alois

Received on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 21:08:40 UTC