RE: [PageVisibility] Need to define what sort of event visibilitychange is

I agree that the visibilitychange event should be a simple event that implements the Event interface. Considering this event fires after the visibility has changed, I don't think it should, or can be, cancelable. Particularly, I don't think we can preventDefault for page visibility - e.g., we can't stop the user from minimizing the browser.

I will update the spec to have some verbiage like so: Queue a task to fire a simple event that bubbles named visibilitychange at the Document.


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Subject: [PageVisibility] Need to define what sort of event visibilitychange is

Specifically, what interface it implements.

Can we just reference the "fire a simple event" definition from html5?

Also, is this event cancelable?  I'd think not, but I'm not quite sure what it really means to be cancelable or not for events without default actions.


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