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On Wed, 11 May 2011 23:57:16 +0200, Karen Anderson (IE)  
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> Regarding the conversation around whether the visibilityState should be  
> PAGE_HIDDEN vs PAGE_VISIBLE in the case that the window is not minimized  
> but is fully obscured by another window:  We all seem to agree that this  
> detection is hard and has odd meaning implications for mobile or tablet  
> devices, but furthermore, I brought up the following point on today's  
> call.  Many, if not most, accessibility tools completely overlap the  
> target window.  For example, magnifier applications demonstrate this.   
> And depending on the screen resolution, on-screen keyboards also have  
> the possible effect of covering the entire window.  There could be other  
> scenarios as well.  Given this, we should report visible for any  
> non-minimized window, obscured or not.

The browser might have more information, particularily in the case of  
multiple tabs and/or windows it might know that a tab/window obscured by  
another tab/window is fully hidden, even though it is not minimized. The  
spec could leave it up to the browser with wording like the following:  
HIDDEN: Used when the browser is confident that no part of the page is  
visible to the user, for instance when the page is minimized or completely  
covered by another page. An explanation that being hidden by other  
applications might not indicate hidden to the user might also be needed.

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