RE: [User Timing] Spec updates

An empty array {} seems appropriate if the key hasn't been used.  We can update the spec.

I'm indifferent about using navigationStart vs. fetchStart as the starting point of an unspecified measure().  fetchStart is useful as it's the first stable point of the current page, from which the marks/measures are being fired from.  On the other hand, navigationStart is always available, and is the anchor point of the whole navigation, but may be affected by redirect times.

- Nic

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  It looks great! Two minor comments:

 - What should getMarks() and getMeasures() return if the specified key is not available? undefined value or {}? I think it is {} but we probably want to be more specific.
 - Shall we point the default starting point of measure() to navigationStart give that we have it always available now?


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 2:45 PM, Jatinder Mann <<>> wrote:
The following updates were made to the User Timing spec,

-          Fixed typos, grammatical issues and links.

-          Added references to DOM Level 3 Core and ECMA-262 specs

-          mark() throws a NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR exception if the name of the mark is the same as an attribute in the PerformanceTiming interface.

-          measure() throws a NOT_FOUND_ERR exception if the name of a mark doesn't exist.

Please review the changes.

Thank you,
Jatinder Mann

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