RE: [agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference #28 Agenda 2011-04-13

This test was moved to /approved/.

I also moved test_timing_server_redirect and test_timing_xserver_redirect to /approved/.  redirect.php was moved to /tests/resources/, however it isn't showing up on

I updated tests/index.html to include the above 3 tests as well as Tony's recently submitted test_no_previous_document.htm

- Nic

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On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 6:21 PM, Nic Jansma <> wrote:
> We have submitted an additional test case as well, for:
> * In case of a page reload, all timing attributes should return values 
> corresponding to the new navigation.
> Here is the new submitted test:
> g/test_timing_reload.htm

Looks good to me.

I'll get test_no_previous_document.htm fixed up like you suggested (and remove a stray console.log that Zhiheng noticed).

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