Re: [AnimationRequestFrame] Initial editor's draft of AnimationRequestFrame spec available

Jatinder Mann:
> > 4. More information is needed on the sample() method of the
> > FrameRequestCallback interface.  A non-normative example use case
> > would be appropriate.

James Robinson:
> I'm not sure quite what you mean - FrameRequestCallback should be
> invisible to the users of the API and exists mostly as a way to talk
> about the enqueued callbacks within the specification.  Users will just
> pass in a function to requestAnimationFrame.  Is there a better way to
> spec this, Cameron?

I have an open bug on Web IDL to consider adding function types:

but in the meantime, how it is specified at the moment is fine.
[Callback] actually means that you could write either

  requestAnimationFrame(function(time) { ... });


  requestAnimationFrame({ sample: function(time) { ... } });

[Callback=FunctionOnly] disallows the latter form, if that’s what we’d

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Tuesday, 3 May 2011 03:52:09 UTC