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In the scenario that you have described below, you would probably want to rely solely on the boolean attribute document.hidden - it is false when the page is visible (e.g., browser is not minimized) and true in all other cases, including if the page is hidden but a preview is shown or a prerendered page is created. I think we are leaning towards keeping both states available in the document.visibilityState attribute, but will be evangelizing document.hidden as the common use case of Page Visibility.

It's great to have someone with an ad background give feedback on this API. Thanks!

Jatinder Mann

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An ad perspective: we'd like to be able to avoid tracking until the user sees an ad in full size. Ad systems should be able to avoid tracking when the page is hidden or much smaller than full size. If this is what the 'preview' status is for, then I'd like to see it kept.

The 'pre-render' status seems less clearly useful. Maybe some application in analyzing (and controlling) CDN cost against revenue, but it does seem counter to why a browser might want to pre-render in the first place. From a tracking perspective, I think 'hidden' covers this case well enough.


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