Re: Further concerns with PageVisibility

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:43, Kyle Simpson <> wrote:
>> Such "rendering before being visible" already happens today. Users can
>> and do often open links in background tabs (for example through a
>> middle-mouse-button click).
> Major distinction: the user is choosing to express that they don't care, as
> opposed to the the browser (Chrome) assuming they don't care.
> If I have some stuff I want to show to users, and *they* say they don't care
> (by opening my page in the background tab), I'm ok with that. If the browser
> gets to decide that my stuff is unimportant to show to the user, I'm very
> not-OK with that. Which means I have to now care about delaying such code
> for PageVisibility.

The browser is the user's agent. If you can tolerate the user choosing
to ignore your page's initial animation, then you ought to tolerate
the browser doing so, too.

> Moreover, if pages start doing that (delaying stuff for PV) widespread, it
> will actually eliminate a user's implicit choice (which they currently have)
> to have such "this site is loading" stuff (which they don't care about)
> happen while the tab is in the background.

Not true. They can continue to middle-click the link (to an
already-prerendered page).

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