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>On Tue, 14 Jun 2011 23:05:30 +0200, Andrew Dupont <>
>> Mine was one of the aforementioned TXJS talks, so Kyle asked me to
>> in.
>> Let's imagine that there exists a set of animations that are only worth
>> doing if you can be _somewhat_ sure they'll render at a certain frame
>> rate. On mobile devices, most animations fall into this category. If
>> writing a web app that will only be consumed in MobileSafari, I know I
>> can transition/animate "opacity" and "transform" and know they'll
>> animate smoothly.  But if my app will also be consumed by Android
>> devices, I'm stuck; a few such devices support hardware acceleration,
>> but most don't. On devices that lack support, I'd rather skip the
>> animation altogether, because an animation running at 4 fps is worse
>> than no animation at all.
>Opera experimented with some related technology some time ago, see
>Those demos still work in Opera 11.
>That gave the developer currentFPS and targetFPS properties to play with.
>A similar setup could be included in e.g. CSS, imagine the following:
>@media (min-fps:30) {
>	body { transition-property: opacity; transition-duration: 2s; }
>Of course, a currentFPS property could additionally be added to the
>RequestAnimationFrame specification.

I love that. This would be a serious win if implemented across the board.

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