Re: CSS animation perf statistics

On 6/13/11 6:36 AM, Kyle Simpson wrote:
> But, noted was that not all systems benefit from this approach (namely,
> those which do not have the ability to hardware accelerate such things).

Whatever that means...

> - are CSS transitions/animations hardware accelerated

Defined how?

> - what is the (avg/min/max) framerate of the transitions/animations on
> the page (the currently executing one and/or the most recently executed
> one)

Again, defined how?

> - the CPU usage stats for the current or previous animation(s)

What does that mean?

> I just wanted to ask if such data is already exposed, or planned to be
> exposed, in any interface, or if it's agreed that this type of data
> would be useful and relevant to expose to the JavaScript layer?

I strongly feel that attempting to expose such data is likely to lock 
mental models of CSS animations into buckets that don't match reality or 
(lock reality into suboptimal implementations).


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