RE: [Page Visibility] First Public Working Draft to be Published

For those that were not able to join us for the call today, we had a chance to discuss Page Visibility and Idle state proposals in depth today. We don't see these two specs as competing proposals, but rather as complimentary. Today, developers don't have the information needed to make informed decisions. Information like page visibility, machine idleness (e.g., CPU usage), user idleness (e.g., user interactions with page), and battery life can all help developers create efficient applications. 

Page Visibility gives a web developer a means to programmatically determine if the Page is not visible and throttle down page activity and resources. We had re-chartered the Web Performance Working Group to specifically include Page Visibility into the Working Group, and we are happy with the progress made on the Page Visibility spec. We can re-charter in the future to add Machine Idle and User Idle. Kyle has taken an action item to draft up a proposal for User Idle that can be considered for the next re-charter.

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Received on Thursday, 2 June 2011 00:04:07 UTC