Resource timing demonstration

Hi all,

With all the proposals for resource timing, everything has felt a bit
abstract. So, we've put together a custom Chrome build which
demonstrates the event-based approach for resource timing.

Windows users can install it here:

And a demonstration page is here:

It shows how a single listener can be used to collect the timing from
the load events of various resource types. It also shows timing an XHR
and how listening can be started/stopped. There are still bugs in this
quick implementation (for instance some fields aren't populated and
some events don't bubble). We primarily wanted to give you a chance to
play with this approach and see if it is suitable or if there are
missing use-cases.

We like it because it fits naturally into the web platform. It also
allows us an efficient implementation in that if an element doesn't
have a load event registered, we don't have to collect timing for that
resource and if the timing is not referenced in JavaScript, we can
collect the memory immediately.

We look forward to all feedback.


Received on Tuesday, 11 January 2011 22:06:39 UTC