Re: Visibility API

link rel=prefetch doesn't execute any scripts on the prefetched page,
at least not in Firefox. Is this different in chrome?

This does seem like a useful API for web pages though.


On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 6:30 AM, Arvind Jain <> wrote:
> Hi webperf folks,
> I'd like to check with you if it would make sense to add one more
> deliverable to the web performance working group.
> There's been a proposal for a Tab Visibility API, which provides a web
> developer an API (in Javascript) to find out whether the page is currently
> hidden (e.g. not in the foreground tab) vs. visible to the user.
> I'm aware of two performance use cases for it:
> 1) pages that consume a lot of CPU can avoid doing so when the page is not
> visible to the user.
> 2) support html5 <link rel=prefetch> standard (when the browser prefetches a
> page, it should let the page know it's not visible).
> Below is the discussion on it on whatwg:
> I think it makes sense for web performance working group to standardize this
> API. Please let me know your thoughts.
> Thanks,
> Arvind

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