Re: [RequestAnimationFrame] Processing model does not permit handling animation callbacks for multiple documents at once

On 12/14/11 3:56 PM, Jatinder Mann wrote:
> If I understand correctly, IE is similar to Gecko in regards to the
> order. We maintain a list of windows (1:1 with documents), and in each
> window, a list of callbacks. When we decide to fire the callbacks, we
> notify each window to fire its callbacks, i.e. we’ll finish one window’s
> callbacks before moving to the next window. We don’t maintain any
> particular order of the documents (windows), or the callbacks within a
> window. It’s first come first serve.

After thinking about this some, I would somewhat prefer we just define 
it that way.  It avoids having to define "DOM order" on documents, esp 
if request callbacks are ever allowed in documents that are inside 
iframes in disconnected subtrees....


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