Re: [NavigationTiming] a couple questions

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 9:47 PM, Zhiheng Wang <> wrote:
>     Jonas brought up a couple questions about the current draft and we
> decide to
> have them discussed here.
> - "One thing that is a bit unclear to me is the navigationStart
> attribute. In one of the two figures it is indicated to be available
> on same-origin only navigation. But in the other figure, and in the
> description of the attribute itself, it seems like it's available on
> cross-origin navigation too."
>    The first figure doesn't include redirect, in which case navigationStart
> is available all the time regardless the origins. Meanwhile,
> unloadEventStart
> and unloadEventEnd only reveal under the same origin. (They should have
> been underlined in the first figure. I will fix it in the next update.)

So what is the difference between navigationStart and fetchStart for
requests without redirects? Is it just the delay in the browsers
network stack due to for example other in-progress requests?

>    The recent discussion on SOP has been very educating. :-)

I wish it was simpler :(

> - "Also, an issue that isn't related to privacy. This introduces a new
> global attribute called 'performance', right? This seems somewhat
> scary as it is quite a generic name, and will break any web pages that
> uses a global variable with that name."
>   hmm, any other name to suggest?

I'm trying to stay away from naming discussions (for the most part).

One solution would be to stick it on the document object. Another to
come up with a more exotic name though I have to admit any good
suggestions escape me at the moment.

/ Jonas

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