RE: About window.performance namespace

Thanks Zhiheng, we want to solidify on this decision by the end of day Friday 12/17/2010 in order to get to Last Call for the Navigation Timing specification.

Also, merging some thoughts on a related thread. It would be great to have a more specific name for handShakeStart, sslHandShakeStart is appropriate.

Anderson and Nic
Internet Explorer

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Subject: About window.performance namespace

Hi, folks,

   In today's conf call, the group discussed the issue of using window.performance namespace. The following proposal was
brought up in a follow-up meeting this afternoon. It has been acknowledged by Anderson/Nic (IE) and Tony/James (Chrome)
and we would like to hear feedback from others as well.

     * NavigationTiming will use window.performance namespace.
     * window.performance will be replaceable
     * window.performance.timing and window.performance.navigation will be kept read-only.

   Having window.performance replaceable avoid breaking existing javascripts. Keeping the timing and navigation objects read-only
does not guarantee the integrity of timing attributes but makes forging these interfaces less trivial.

   Please share your thoughts.


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