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> Marcos~ 
> I understand what you're asking but I'm not sure if that is something that the Cordova team is capable of helping with. We don't know how end users are using each of the Cordova APIs and there really isn't a good way to ask them.
No problem. I knew it was a long shot, but I thought I would ask just in case you all had something like that :)  
> Cordova is installed using npm ( and the plugin repositories have publically visible download stats ( We do not have access to contact information for individual developers let alone the code they have written. There is the Google Group for Phonegap as well as the list of developers (opt-in by the developers themselves) as well as the Cordova blog where we could submit a poll. But the responses are unlikely to reach a good subset of users. There are some case studies and featured applications from the Phonegap team (

Those can serve as good inputs. Thanks for pointing me to those! 
Marcos Caceres

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