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On Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 7:34 PM, Lisa Seacat DeLuca wrote:

> During today's DAP Working Group call, we chatted about pushing the alignment between the Apache Cordova APIs and the w3c specs. I'm sending out this email to get the ball rolling and start discussing some ideas to make this happen. 

What we *really* need from the Cordova side is pointers to *real applications* (i.e., those made by independent developers) that show us how real developers are using the APIs. We can't align on anything until we see why and how actual people are using the APIs. Otherwise, we are just blindly speculating on theoretical use cases. 

Cordova has the most experience and potentially the most data on the usage of these APIs. I cannot think of any way to better inform the standardization process than by allowing us to examine the code of applications built with Cordova to see what and how developers are using these APIs. This would be in alignment with the Extensible Web Manifesto [1], which states:

"We aim to tighten the feedback loop between the editors of web standards and web developers.... We prefer to enable feature development and iteration in JavaScript, followed by implementation in browsers and standardization."

I just can't emphasize the above enough.  Ultimately, we should end up with a bunch of documents that look like the netinfo one:

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