Re: Firefox OS Permissions

Do you know which regions? This seems strange as it's so easy to forge
(e.g., I can just put Microsoft as an author if I want).

> Japan! Everything I know is about Japan! Not sure if itıll happen
>anywhere else, but the Japanese government has set Œguidelinesı for apps
>to make available the author, the permissions and author contact details.
>(Takagi-san from KDDI may know more).

>From the research I did, I was not able to find any other runtime that
makes use of this info. It's only really used by curated stores. This is
the reason why I dumped them from the manifest spec: declaration of
authorship is kinda useless. It would be better to get such info from a
digital cert. signed by a reputable CA (as browsers already do with
banking sites, etc).

Yeah I think you probably have a much better understanding of the
pros/cons than I do. It was just an interesting addition to the
permissions manager. I wonder though if users would just like to see this

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