Re: Interest in Screen wake lock API?

On 05/02/2014 10:58, "Dominique Hazael-Massieux" <> wrote:

>Someone just posted a proposed API to manage the "standby" mode of
>mobile devices, keeping them from e.g. locking / turning the screen off:
>Beyond the specific API proposal, the spec lists a number of simple use
>cases, which seem reasonable to me:
>> Long running websites
>> A user visiting a website that contains an embedded HTML5 video that
>> does not play in full screen on the device or a long running visual
>> animation. This video , or animation, may be longer than the devicešs
>> current standby timeout value.
>> The web application may adjust the device standby timeout to provide a
>> better experience
>> Games that donšt require direct touch or peripheral input
>> A user may engage in a web driven game that uses a sensor input on a
>> device. For example, a jump game driven by an accelerometer where the
>> user must tilt the device to play the game. Again, the duration of
>> gameplay may exceed that of the device standby timeout value.
>> >
>> Navigation
>> A user may wish to utilize a web application containing map feat
>> ures while operating a vehicle. The device may enter standby due to
>> prolonged periods of inactivity.
>In addition, both Firefox(OS?) and Chrome Apps propose a similar API:
>I'm interested to hear what the group thinks of the usefulness of
>getting work started on such an API (for in-browser usage), and in
>particular, if implementors would likely implement and ship such an API
>in their browser.

I actually think this is a great idea! This must be a MAJOR UX no-no when
it comes to users watching content or working with content. My use case is
looking at a recipe and having two hands covered in cake mix and then the
device screen going off and I have no idea what to do next because I canšt
see the recipe anymore! Further than this, some people might watch videos
and like to read comments (for example) at the same time.

Does anyone else think that this kind of API would be useful?

Thanks! Natasha

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