Web/Native: gap analysis

Hi all,

I introduced the effort that I led earlier this year on "closing the gap
with native" a couple of weeks ago:

I mentioned then a gap analysis document that I was aiming to submit to
the group; I've finally found the time to put it in a shape that I hope
makes it at least somewhat digestible for the group to review.

The documents have been put in our github repository:

I have split my analysis effort around 2 axis: how web apps fare from
the end-user perspective vs how they fare from the perspective of the
app provider.

For the end user perspective, the analysis starts with highlighting the
tasks that a user will be faced with when using an app (no matter how it
was developed):

It then attempts rate how well Web apps fare at making these tasks a
good UX:

And finally it sketches possible actions to make Web apps fare better:

Likewise, for the provider perspective, it starts with identifying the
various costs and sought benefits for an app provider (no matter the
development approach chosen):

It then attempts to rate how Web apps fare in reducing the costs and
augmenting the benefits:

And finally, it sketches possible actions to make Web apps fare better
in that regard:

I realize this is a lot of material, and some of it remains sketchy; I
have already highlighted known issues in the document, but I'm sure a
proper review of these documents will raise quite a few more.

As always, I'm very interested in getting feedback on whether the group
this approach at analyzing the gap between Web and native can be
productive, and if so, working with others on furthering it (esp. in
terms of writing up action plans).


Received on Friday, 4 October 2013 09:53:07 UTC