Re: Service description value for hypermedia?

On 17 Jun 2005, at 23:43, Jan Algermissen wrote:
>> It is an evolutionary process that 'factors out' application 
>> semantics into message formats once they are recognized as 
>> 'similarities'.
>> Isn't that why there is RSS instead of doing blog machine processing 
>> with HTML?
>> Now that I look at it this way, I think people should start to 
>> collect 'enterprise
>> behavioural patterns' and express them as (suggested) message types.

I'm very happy for a description to provide a list of some of the 
possible media-types available at the end of a URI, I'd also encourage 
agents to negotiate for the media they'd prefer.

*but* it would be nice to be able to also describe simple existing 
services which serve up arbitrary  XML for a purchase order or whatever 
and haven't registered a separate media-type, bought into RDF or 
shoe-horned their data into some existing unsuitable format.

I guess I'm advocating being able to describe what is out there, rather 
than trying to impose an architectural pov.

>> What about UBL? Isn't UBL doing exactly this (for some part of 
>> enterprise context)?

My goodness, that was an unexpected blast of 'kumbya' ..


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