Re: Code generation or forms?

On Jun 4, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Marc Hadley wrote:
> The code I'd typically generate would just wrap an existing HTTP  
> library and provide some application-specific value add on top of  
> the existing library.


can you be more specific (with an example)? The above sounds like  
adding application specific semantics to the interface (that way  
breaking its uniformity).

Or am I missing something here?


> I don't really forsee much need to generate the entire HTTP stack  
> for each web app, that's what libraries are for.
> Marc.
>> That's not to say I'm against supporting code generation entirely,  
>> only
>> that I think each proposed feature will need to be examined  
>> closely from
>> this POV.
>> If I had my way though, we'd be starting out from the assumption that
>> all information in the language is for runtime consumption.  In  
>> fact, I
>> wonder why that isn't the default position of this group, since  
>> the Web
>> currently works just fine in this manner, and I know from experience
>> that you don't need a description language(*) to develop very large
>> (international scale) machine-to-machine solutions.
>>  (*) you do need a forms language though
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