Re: [xml-dev] The problems and the future of the web and a formal internet technology proposal

Dear Mr. John Cowan

to all list-users: I am sorry for the delay, there have been many  
days where I was too weak to answer, since I am battling chronic  
fatigue syndrome, and have many days where I am non-functionnal;  
moreover, during the few days where I felt better, I had some  
pressing issues to handle until a week ago, then I felt bad from  
monday to thursday and since I felt better afterwards, I prepared the  
answers for the list on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 > The difficulty with all that is that it is just horribly complicated
 > and constantly growing, one technology after another.  What happens
 > then is that it becomes just about as hard to write a browser for
 > XHTML-2.0-plus-long-tail than it is to write on for HTML5/CSS/JS, if
 > not more so.
The idea with the switch to XML is not to allow easier browser  
development. The idea is to have clean content, properly structured  
and easy to index and analyze, allowing RDFa for semantic information  
inclusion, which would vastly improve the adequation of search engine  
results, at least those search engines not made by companies with the  
required money to allow them to master the advance artificial  
inteligence needed to analyze natural language. It also alows data  
manipulation, generation and verification using standard XML tools  
such as XSLT / Schematron.

 > JSON and when needed MicroXML for structured data.
JSON doesn't have all the standardized XML manipulation advantages  
(such as with XSLT).

Raphaťl Hendricks

Received on Friday, 29 January 2021 10:46:03 UTC