[web-bluetooth] Question about mapping Scanning promises to Windows Bluetooth States (#531)

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== Question about mapping Scanning promises to Windows Bluetooth States ==

In the [scanning spec](https://webbluetoothcg.github.io/web-bluetooth/scanning.html)  promises are rejected with either a TypeError, NotAllowedError, NotSupportedError, InvalidStateError or UnknownError. How would these errors map/overlap to error states in operating systems like [Windows?](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/uwp/api/windows.devices.bluetooth.bluetootherror?view=winrt-18362)

OS state| |Description| Mapping to State in Scanning Spec
-- | -- | -- | --
ConsentRequired | 8 | The operation requires consent. | NotAllowedError?
DisabledByPolicy | 5 | The operation is disabled by policy. | NotAllowedError?
DisabledByUser | 7 | The operation is disabled by the user. | NotAllowedError?
NotSupported | 6 | The operation is not supported on the current Bluetooth radio hardware.| NotSupportedError?
OtherError | 4 | An unexpected error has occurred. | UnknownError
RadioNotAvailable | 1 | The Bluetooth radio was not available. This error occurs when the Bluetooth radio has been turned off. | InvalidStateError?
ResourceInUse | 2 | The operation cannot be serviced because the necessary resources are currently in use.| UnknownError?
TransportNotSupported | 9 | The transport is not supported.|NotSupportedError?

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