[web-bluetooth] BluetoothDevice.watchAdvertisements() not detecting specific devices (#509)

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== BluetoothDevice.watchAdvertisements() not detecting specific devices ==
I have been working with the watchAdvertisements() function* with BLE medical instruments. The function works completely and allows you to bypass the initial connect screen. However, when I use a TaiDoc instrument* advertisements are never received. 

The initial connect with this device works fine, and is detected immediately (through navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice()). But when trying to use navigator.bluetooth.getDevices() and passing the device into device.watchAdvertisements() it will hang, waiting to receive advertisements.

The same code works for other similar instruments from different company's. But the issue is constant among TaiDoc instruments, thermometer and oximeter.

Could this be an issue with the watchAdvertisements() implementation, i.e. not scanning for all types of advertisements, or is this an issue with the BLE device?

watchAdvertisements() function* - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RF4D-60cQJWR1LoQeLBxxigrxJwYS8nLOE0qWmBF1eo/edit

TaiDoc instrument* - https://taidoc.com/pulse-oximeter/pulse-oximeter-td-8255/

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