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Re: [web-bluetooth] Allow requestDevice for all devices

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Date: Fri, 13 May 2016 01:41:56 +0000
To: public-web-bluetooth-log@w3.org
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OK, so the Web Bluetooth spec is all about connecting devices around 
me to a website so that I can interact with that website in more 
interactive and complex fashion, right? What about apps for artists or

Artists/musicians are notorious for using things as they were never 
intended by their creators to make or inspire new works. If you limit 
the API or service spec in such a draconian manner you will eventually
 limit the usefulness of the spec you are developing.

Yes, by all means give me a method to search for advertised services 
BUT do not stop me from saying, "Hey! Use any BT-LE sensor as a tone 
controller for my way cool music app!" OR "Paint with your biorhythms 
and by banging your head on this impact sensor!"

That was a poor attempt at humor but hopefully you see the point I'm 

Also, right now there is not a single manufacturer of a Automation IO 
device I have found that advertises correctly. I have to filter based 
on known names which is just irritating to no end!

Anyways, thanks for considering my worthless two pennies on the topic 
of scanning. I personally believe this along with storing connections 
for reconstitution when returning is VERY important for acceptance and
 adoption by the public.

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