[web-bluetooth] Missing API for GATT Write w/o Response

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== Missing API for GATT Write w/o Response ==
There does not seem to be a way to specify that the GATT Write w/o 
Response operation should be used when calling `writeValue()`.

I don't think this should be "abstracted away" / left up to the UA 
implementation because this is the only GATT operation by which GATT 
clients can have more than one GATT packets in flight towards the GATT
 server. The other write operations have to be ack'd before the next 
write can be sent out, making it very slow.

Most applications that I've seen that need to optimize for throughput 
(Pebble smartwatch, Parrot's drones, ...), usually use GATT Write w/o 
Response in combination with GATT Value Notifications for data in the 
other direction.

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