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Re: [web-bluetooth] When a BLE peripheral terminates a connection it should be possible to re-connect from the web app

From: Giovanni Ortuno via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 17:23:12 +0000
To: public-web-bluetooth-log@w3.org
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should it be possible to call device.connectGATT() after a disconnect 
without calling requestDevice() first?
Yes. `resquestDevice` allows the user of the website to give access to
 a device. Once the website has access to the device it can call 
connect/disconnect whenever it pleases.
Furthermore is states that " the UA MAY destroy 
device@[[representedDevice]]’s ATT Bearer" - is this the same as 
calling BluetoothGatt.java#close() or only 
It's the same as calling BluetoothGatt.java#disconnect(). I believe 
that BluetoothGatt.java#close() tells Android that the **App** is no 
longer interested in interacting with the device, which doesn't apply 
to this API.
I found that only using disconnect will make the adapter stale after 
some time (at least on Nexus 5).
Could you clarify what you mean here? What do you mean by "will make 
the adapter stale"?
"If the UA is currently connected to this device’s GATT server, 
gattServer provides a way to interact with it. While this device is 
disconnected, gattServer is null." But if gattServer is null, 
developers can't use the readonly attribute "connected" of 
We intend to unconditionally define `gattServer` to solve problems 
like this. There is a discussion on #181 that touches upon this. Feel 
free to suggest other options on that issue.

Thanks for the questions! In the future feel free to open issues about
 anything that you find unclear in the spec.

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